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Flower Obsession - Cécile Franconie

Flower Obsession - Cécile Franconie

40 projets

Autor: Cécile Franconie
Verlag: Quiltmania
Code: QMA_9782370820983
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Flowers, sewn into embroideries on quilts, treasure boxes, precious notebooks, bags and pouches. Cécile embroiders as a poet writes verses, conveying with silk ribbons, sequins, beads, all kinds of threads, humble or rich materials, the imaginary world that lives within her. Cécile is not only an embroiderer, she is a storyteller and this book is a unique and marvellous journey within her universe. The work is spectacular, but achievable, because each stitch and every detail is carefully explained, photographed and illustrated so that you will be able to reproduce the 40 small and large projects presented in the book..
This bi-lingual book is in English and in French.
Softcover, 368 pages, published 2022.


ISBN 9782370820983
Autor Cécile Franconie
Verlag Quiltmania
Sprache Französisch, Englisch
Matchcode QMA_9782370820983
Motiv/Thema embroidery
Stichwörter Projekte Nacharbeiten Stickerei Sticken; step-by-step projects embroidery les de
Artikelnummer 58983

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