Modern Building Blocks - Brigitte Heitland

Modern Building Blocks - Brigitte Heitland

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Autor: Brigitte Heitland, Zen Chic
Verlag: Quiltmania
Code: QMA_9782370821089
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Brigitte studied Textile Design and created her own company Zen Chic which readers of Simply Moderne might remember, since some of her patterns were already published there. She also designs textile collections for MODA Fabrics. Her quilts are resolutely modern and bring a wave of novelty to the quilting world, thanks to a pure and trendy art style.
This first book is a small encyclopaedia for blocs which she details with care, making it a perfect manual for beginners. Then comes the variations and the fun part, thanks to all the different available blocks, the different sizes and the various colour schemes, depending on whether the final product will be a bed cover or a smaller baby quilt. All the advice are remarkably detailed and well explained, with pictures all the way. The perfect book for those who wish to launch themselves and try a more modern approach to quilting. It is pure, full of light and of course, as trendy as can be!
Book in both languages, French and English.
Softcover, 176 pages, 2022.


ISBN 9782370821089
Autor Brigitte Heitland, Zen Chic
Verlag Quiltmania
Sprache Französisch, Englisch
Matchcode QMA_9782370821089
Motiv/Thema modern, projects
Stichwörter Projekte Nacharbeiten moderne Quilts; step-by-step projects contemporary quilts
Artikelnummer 60761

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