Jelly Roll  Tube Maker for Jelly Roll Rugs

Jelly Roll Tube Maker for Jelly Roll Rugs

Hersteller: Gypsy Quilter
Code: GYP_TGQ024
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To make the Fabric & Batting Tube, place a thin batting strip on the wrong side of a 2.5in fabric strip. Feed the layered (fabric & thin batting) strip, batting side up, into the wide end of the Jelly Roll (tm) Tube Maker. If needed, place a sewing awl in the slot on the tool to pull the layered strip through. Then fold the now magically folded, layered strip in half as it comes out the other end & place under the sewing machine presser foot ready to stitch. Keep the Jelly Roll Tube Maker close to the sewing machine & slide along as you sew.
This product works best with 2-1/2in precut batting strips.
The metal Jelly Roll Tube Maker may be used with or without an iron (with caution) for other similar technique projects.


Hersteller Gypsy Quilter
Matchcode GYP_TGQ024
Lager 16D
Regal Z101
Material Metall, Plastik
Stichwörter Jelly Roll Former Teppich Tasche; Jelly Roll Rug
Artikelnummer 59579