Sashiko Needles

Sashiko Needles

4 pieces, number 65, 54, 48 & 42.9

Hersteller: Olympus
Material: 100% Metall
Code: CHM_SashikoNeedles4
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4 Traditional long length needles with gold eye.
Olympus Sashiko needles were developed specially based on Olympus’s long experience of Sashiko stitching. They are very easy to use and are the best for Sashiko stitching. In addition, they are also used as a sewing needle and an embroidery needle. Especially, the long one is very convenient when needling three layers, and can be used as a straw needle. Length: 4 sizes (43 mm, 48 mm, 54 mm and 65 mm).


Farbe Gold, Silber
Hersteller Olympus
Matchcode CHM_SashikoNeedles4
Regal Z70
Material Metall
Motiv/Thema Japan
Stichwörter Nadel Nadeln Japan; needle needles Japan
Artikelnummer 58775

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