Mystery-Block of the Month – 2015

Receive 12 different blocks free for a mystery quilt

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What is a Mystery Block of the Month?

You will receive a new block pattern and a piece of fabric every month for a quilt. You decide what color palette you prefer. It is a secret what the finished quilt will look like. The techniques will be piecing and applique only.

Are the blocks free of charge?

Yes, you will receive the 12 block patterns and the 12 fabric squares (25 x 25 cm) free of charge for 1 year. You will have to pay a sign-up fee of 5 CHF only. You will pay the fee when you pick-up or order your fist block in January. Pick-up or order of your free block can only be done beginning of every month until the 7th of the month. If you order online, the block can either be added to an order (no additional fee) or, you will have to pay a small shipping charge for a letter.

What will I need to complete my quilt?

The Mystery quilt is a scrap quilt. You will need more fabric, but also batting and maybe notions. Depending on the color scheme you decide for, you will need background fabrics in offwhite with black or grey print (for the ‘funky’ colors) or background fabrics in different beiges (for the more subtle colors ‘house blend’).

To make your color choice a little easier, we are also offering a scrap kit with 42 different main fabrics for a special price.

How can I participate?

If you wish to participate, please fill out the form and we will send you a confirmation immediately. Please confirm this mail. Starting in January 2015, we will email you a coupon code that you can use online and also reminds you to pick up your next block. Have fun!

More questions? Read our FAQs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to decide for fabric color way Funky or House Blend?

You will get a free fabric square every month with your block pattern, that has to fit your color preferences. It just helps us to know your preferences better.

What is the size of the finished quilt?

The block size is approximately 12‘‘. If you make all 12 blocks, your finished size will be about 36’’ x 48’’ (3x4 blocks). You might want to add a bigger border. You may consider to make a second (same) block every month to get a finished size of about 48’’ x 72’’ (4x6 blocks) or, with another additional block about 60’’ x 60’’ (5x5 blocks) to achieve a bed-size quilt. In any case, you will need more fabric scraps from your personal fabric stock.

Can I sew the quilt in a different color scheme?

You will receive from us only fabric, that can be used as background. The color in the quilt comes from the colored accent fabrics of your choice. They do not necessarily have to be the same as pictured in our (Funky or House Blend) pictures.

Can I get the blocks later also?

You will be able to purchase the blocks through the whole year on our website for 5.- CHF (about 4 Euro) each. The blocks are free only (as a member) in the same month they are released until the 7th. (exampel: the March block is only free from March 1st to March 7)

Can I join the club later?

You can join the BOM club at any time. You will have to pay for the blocks that you missed (5.- CHF per block).

Will the quilt be very colorful?

The accent colors are the only ‘bright’ colors used in the quilt. Adding a lot of neutral tones when assembling the quilt makes our top a lot calmer. Just wait. We will surprise you!

Can I ‚reserve‘ my block in the shop beginning of the month and get it there later (for free)?

Sorry, this does not work.

Can one of my friends get the block for me in your shop or online?

This does not work. No exceptions. You have to get it in person in order to receive it for free. That’s the rule.

I want to save. Can I get all the blocks for my friends in one online-order.

This does not work for various reasons. We have to treat everybody in the same way. Colletive orders are not accepted. Only one free block to one address of a member every month.

May my friends sew the same blocks? They are not members….

We support sewing in groups. They are welcome to sew along.

Do I get enough background fabric to sew all of my blocks?

The fabric squares delivered from us will cover most of the background in your 12 blocks. However, you will need a little more. How much, will depend on your taste and on the desired finished quilt size. If you have got difficulties finding matching fabrics in your stock, you can buy background bundles prepared from us. We will offer them on our website.