Omnigrid 3 x 15 cm

Omnigrid 3 x 15 cm

metrisches kleines Lineal, Prym 611 317

Manufacturer: Omnigrid Inc., Prym-Dritz Corporation
Code: OMN_315
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Omnigrid rectangle rulers are used for cutting strips and trimming fabric edges during quilt making or when executing a variety of sewing and fabric craft projects. Heavy-duty and durable acrylic material, use with a rotary cutter or a straight-edge blade. Laser cut edges for smooth, deep cutting and edge markings for accurate measuring. Omnigrid 3 x 15cm Metric Quilter's Ruler assists with quilting projects and has centimeter markings on it.

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Manufacturer Omnigrid Inc., Prym-Dritz Corporation
Matchcode OMN_315
Repository 13G
Shelf Z103
Keywords ruler rulers metric
Product Number 13637