Improv Quilting

Improv Quilting

Dancing the Wall

Auteur: Irene Roderick
Editeur: Interweave Press
Code: IWP_9780593331415
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Description du produit

An original and unique process for designing and constructing improvisational quilts developed by Irene Roderick. This book appeals to beginning and advanced quilters who are looking for a new creative and artistic method of quilt design and construction. A handbook for quilters who want to expand their skills and make unique, personal expressions instead of following traditional quilt methods. The author's approach is fluid and intuitive, inviting you to tap into your imagination and ingenuity in order to create one-of-a-kind quilts in your own creative voice. The book provides instructions for design and construction accompanied by tips and tools to enable you to work freely without preconceived ideas of where the process leads. She will ask you to learn to trust your personal experiences and instincts so that you can develop your own personal style.
176 pages, hardcover, 20.4.2022

Détails du produit

ISBN 9780593331415
Auteur Irene Roderick
Editeur Interweave Press
langue Anglais
Matchcode IWP_9780593331415
Motifs/Thèmes modern, scrap
Mots clés projets divers pas à pas scraps; step-by-step projects scrap
Numéro de l'article 60776

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