Charlotte's Fusible Web thread for softer Appliqué

Charlotte's Fusible Web thread for softer Appliqué

115 yards (104.7 m), 100% Nylon

Créateur: Charlotte Warr Anderson
Fabricant: Superior Threads
Code: SUP_810233009912
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Description du produit

Fuses without the stiffness of adhesive web. Great alternative for fusible appliqué, especially when multiple layers are involved.
Wind bobbin as usual. Use a fine thread such as MonoPoly™ or The Bottom Line™ in the needle.
Use a Topstitch 100/16 needle. Loosen upper tension until stitch is even. Avoid last thread guide before needle. Shorten stitch length.
Use hottest iron temperature setting suitable for fabric being fused. Apply iron for 10 seconds. Allow fabric to cool before handling.

Détails du produit

Créateur Charlotte Warr Anderson
Fabricant Superior Threads
Matchcode SUP_810233009912
Stock 24E
Rayon Z102
Mots clés fil fondant chaleur; thread fusible melting appliqué
Numéro de l'article 41560

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