Quilter's Rule EquilateralTriangle 6''

Quilter's Rule EquilateralTriangle 6''

60 Grad (Seitenlänge ca. 15 cm) / 60 degree

Hersteller: Quilter's Rule
Material: 100% Plastik
Code: RUL_QRET-6
CHF 13.90/Stk.

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Simple and easy to use, these triangle has 60 degree and 30.
How to use:
1* Using the base (the edge opposite the 60 degree mark) of the Equilateral Triangle, mark or cut
with rotary cutter across your fabric for a straight edge.
2* Simply slide Equilateral Triangle down from the mark or cut just made to the desired triangle
size and mark or cut with rotary cutter along the two outside edges to complete your triangle.
Altitude Equilateral Triangles (Altitude is the height of your triangle) use the measurement line
that runs from the middle of the 60 degree end to the base. To cut a 2" altitude equilateral
triangle, cut a straight edge on your fabric using the base of the Equilateral Triangle, then slide
Equilateral Triangle down the middle of the fabric until the 2" line is on your straight edge of your
fabric and cut around the two outside edges.
Base Equilateral Triangles (Base is the length of one side of your triangle) use the measurement
along the left side, off the 30 degree end. To cut a 2" base equilateral triangle, turn the
Equilateral Triangle so that a 30 degree end (either corner opposite the 60 degree end) is at the
top. Place a small piece of masking tape at the 2 1/4" line (running along the left side). Cut a
straight edge on your fabric at the bottom of the Equilateral Triangle. Slide Equilateral Triangle to
desired size and cut the two outside edges.


Farbe Schwarz
Hersteller Quilter's Rule
Matchcode RUL_QRET-6
Lager 13H
Regal Z103
Material Plastik
Stichwörter Lineal Lineale Dreieck; ruler rulers triangles triangle
Artikelnummer 57722

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