Block of the Month 2021

Block of the Month 2021

Join our brand new block of the month! Receive monthly instructions and design a tree according to your wishes, while learning different techniques. You determine the style and effort yourself!

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Everything you need to know in brief

  • Worldwide novelty: we created an exclusive ‘Diversitree’ fabric collection. Both the idea and the fabrics are unique.
  • The registration fee is CHF 29.– and already includes 1.35 m of the essential fabric with the tree. The number of participants is therefore limited!
  • The tree follows a basic structure and is designed and expanded by you.
  • You can choose one of the 2 techniques each month.
  • We offer the opportunity to sew the project with the matching fabrics from the Diversitree collection.
  • The instructions can now also be obtained digitally from our website.
  • The first block appears in February 2021.
  • Subscription starts January 2021.
  • Inspiration and exchange of ideas via our picture gallery

What is the Block of the Month?

You will receive instructions for one of 12 blocks for a complete blanket every month for one year.

Are the blocks free?

Yes, you will just pay the CHF 29.– for the subscription. This fee will be paid with your first block and includes the essential fabric. You can get the following blocks totally free.
Pick-up in the shop:Only the subscriber in person can pick up the instructions for the block free of charge in our shop until the 10th of each month.
By Mail: You can get the block-instruction for free until the 10th of each month + CHF 5.- shipping. If you add merchandise and your order value reaches CHF 100.- the shipping will be free as always!
New Digital: In 2021, you will be able to order your block online and choose pdf-version by mail. This is totally free.

What material do I need to finish the blocks?

You will need some notions, fabrics and batting. This varies with your chosen technique – further details below.

How can I participate?

To participate, please fill the form below. You will receive an email confirmation. From end of February/beginning of March 2021, you will receive a gift code, that is valid to get the instructions for free either in our shop or through our website.

More questions? Please read the FAQs.

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Have fun!
Astrid & Team


Can I get the blocks later too?

All issued blocks will be available all year for a fee of 5.- CHF (about 5 Euro). Only the recent block is free of charge for the first 10 days of the month (for members only). (Example: The March-Block is free from March 1 to March 10)

Can I start later in the year?

You can always join, but you will have to buy the missed blocks. Please be aware, that the number of participants is limited.

Can I reserve blocks in the shop and pick up later than the 10th for free?

Sorry, this does not work.

Can somebody else pick up the block for me?

This does not work. You have to come into the shop in person or order it.

Will I need more fabric/material throughout the year?

With the subscription you will receive the main structure of the tree. In order to get creative, you will need more fabric and material. You are always free to use up your stock. However, we recommended to use the fabrics from our Diversitree collection. The required materials will be listed in your email, or, when you order a block.