New English Paper Piecing

New English Paper Piecing

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A faster approach to a traditional favorite
* Re-discover this time-honoured quiltmaking method - now with a great modern twist that makes it easier than ever!
* 10 soft and pretty designs made with traditional hexagons, as well as squares, circles, pentagons, and other shapes. * It teaches you the fundamentals of English paper piecing and needleturned applique to add to your repertoire of quilt-making skills.
* Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced quilter, Sue's teaching style will help you rediscover the joy of handwork.
Softcover, 96 pages, published 2012

Détails du produit

ISBN 9781607054047
Auteur Sue Daley
Editeur C&T Publishing
Sprache english
Matchcode C&T_10819
Mots-clés Meta hexagone
Numéro de l'article 34453

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